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A major issue which any entrepreneur in today’s world faces is the problem of navigating the convoluted and complex compliance laws and industrial policies of our country- especially with regard to DGFT liaisoning (EXIM) and Industrial Subsidies. No matter what the business, there is always some confusion with regard to compliance, acquiring licenses, completing the eligibility requirements for industrial subsidies and so on. Even if one is well- versed with the laws, there is always the challenge of finding the right channels to get the job done.

We, at Enrich Professional Services, understand the issues you face with regard to these activities with our professional services which are specifically aimed at DGFT liaisoning (EXIM) and Industrial Subsidies. We focus on delivering quantifiable results for our customers, based on a well- tested methodology and solid experience. But of course, this only works because of our close involvement with your business, taking the time to understand your priorities, applying our expertise, and transferring skills within your own organization.

For these reasons, we are among the top DGFT (EXIM) consultants and Industrial Subsidies consultants in Hyderabad.

Using our knowledge to inject life into your business is our sole aim.

In every business today, there’s a series of imperatives at work.

For businesses to grow, they need to operate as efficiently as possible, and for that, they have to make the best use of information if they are to stay competitive within their markets and take advantage of the laws, regulations, and provisions in place to assist them.

This is where we at Enrich Professional Services come into the picture- from educating you about the various opportunities available to documentation, preparation of applications, interaction and coordination with various governmental agencies to achieve your objective, we do it all under one roof.

After all, we are here to enrich your business.

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Our Team

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Team Members

With more than a decade’s worth of experience behind him,
Mr. V. Sudheer Varma is the man leading this immensely talented and dedicated team.

His expertise in projects related to DGFT liaisoning (EXIM) and Industrial subsidies gives him the prerequisite knowledge of the laws, incentives, duty exemptions and the various government policies involved, which will surely maximize your returns.

Under his aegis, our organization aims to deliver avant-garde service, and always exceed the high standards our clients set for us. Added to that, we have a team of vibrant and dynamic individuals who have extensive experience in working in a professional set-up with Corporates, Private Sector Companies and MNCs.

With this kind of support and the drive and determination of our highly qualified team of experts, we are extremely confident of providing workable solutions to all your requirements.


We are among the best DGFT (EXIM) consultants and Industrial subsidy consultants in Hyderabad. Our key strengths differentiate us from others and enable us to operate across the value chain.

Flexible and Reliable Service

Strong Brand and Customer Relations

Due to the sizeable experience of each member of our team in import export consulting, and industrial subsidies, we have a long-standing reputation as a leading provider of reliable, and efficient solutions in this domain. This reputation provides an important advantage in building and maintaining strong relationships with various organizations, departments and clients. These relationships which have been nurtured over the course of several years, enable us to provide services to our clients across the country.

Several Years of Operating Experience

Our staff is critical to the efficient, reliable and immaculate operation of our organisation. We have a large pool of experienced employees with extensive industry experience. Access to experts in various fields, including extensive time in-company and time in-industry, is a major competitive as well as technical advantage for us- especially in a market where clients not only value, but require significant experience among senior employees.

Added to this, our team has had a wide range of exposure in the industry and has worked with all kinds of clients- right from small scale start-ups to huge Multi- National Corporations. This gives them a unique perspective into the needs and requirements of various types of clients.

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