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Commercial Horticulture Development in protected cover on project mode from NHB

a) Activity (ies) allowed and Area norms: The Board will also take up commercial horticulture development projects under protected cover on project mode including components viz planting material, plantation, irrigation, fertigation, mechanization, etc for projects having area over 2500 sq meter. In case of NE Region, projects having area over 1000 sq meter are eligible. Activities like construction of green houses, shade net house, plastic mulching, and plastic tunnel, anti bird /hail nets etc would be promoted. Provision has been made for selecting a variety of construction material for green houses and shade nets houses. Preference will be given to using locally available material to minimize cost of construction of such structures. In case of flowers, projects will be considered only under Green House structures.

b) Crops eligible:

a. Flowers: Anthurium, Orchids, Rose, Lilium, Chrysanthemum, Carnation and Gerbera.

b. Vegetables: High value vegetables: Capsicum, Cucumber, Tomato

c) Pattern of assistance: Credit linked back-ended subsidy @ 50% of the total project cost limited to Rs 56.00 lakh per project as per admissible cost norms for green houses, shade net house, plastic tunnel, anti bird /hail nets & cost of planting material etc

d) Maximum Project costs allowed for subsidy calculation.

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e. Cost norms for Protected cultivation under NHB Scheme:

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* Cost of Tubular structure in plain area. In hilly States, cost of poly house will be 15% more.


1 Wherever cost norms are not given, cost norms available under MIDH scheme for similar activity shall be followed. In case norms are not available under MIDH scheme also, cost appraised by bank as per bank norms or approved by Competent committee of NHB shall apply till cost norms are prepared.

2 In project mode, applicant may opt for add on components as per norms given 1.1. (f) but unless otherwise specified, cost ceiling, as prescribed for each crop/activity shall be applied where cost of add on components exceeds prescribed ceiling.

(f).Norms for Technology Add on components and other essential components of Integrated Commercial Horticulture projects.

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Components categorization:

* Commercial Horticulture, within overall cost ceiling

# Protected Cultivation, within overall cost ceiling

## Over and above overall cost ceiling

Any other add on component as may be decided by Project Approval Committee for inclusion of new item(s) may be suitably incorporated from time to time.

(g)Technical Standards: For availing subsidy, all material /technology should strictly conform to the prescribed standards, else the project is not eligible for any financial assistance.

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