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Industrial Subsidies

Funding is a major challenge for every entrepreneur. The government promotes certain industries by providing financial assistance in the mode of subsidy to establish their initial setup. These subsidies are of several types and are offered through organizations like MOFPI, NABARD, NHB, NSC, MOT, APEDA, NHM, Spice Board, etc.

However, all subsidies are not the same. Some are geared towards SMEs, some towards MSMEs, while some are created for specific segments. Not just this, each subsidy comes with its own set of required approvals, application forms, and typical red tape-ism that is the hallmark of bureaucracy.

We operate in the following industries:

Food Processing Industry

Food processing has an important role to play in linking Indian farmers to consumers in the domestic and international markets. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) is making all efforts to encourage investments across the value chain. Major industries constituting the food processing industry are grains, sugar, edible oils, beverages and dairy products.

Govt. of India further sanctioned over 134 food processing projects during 2020 across different states. Out of which there were 21 Agro-Processing Clusters, 47 Cold Chain, 43 Food processing unit, 8 Backward and Forward Linkages, 3 Operation Greens and 12 Food Testing Laboratories across various states. Moreover, this is going to create additional processing and preservation capacity of agricultural produce of 38.3 lakh MT per annum. These new 134 sanctioned projects are expected to leverage private investment of INR 2,026.32 cr and generated direct and indirect employment for 77,330 persons.

The key sub-segments of the Food Processing industry in India are Dairy, Fruits & Vegetables, Poultry & Meat processing, Fisheries, Food retail, etc.

We at Enrich Professional Services, will provide services for availing Subsidies from various Govt. departments like MOFPI, APEDA, Nabard, NHB / NHM, NSC, MOT and etc.

Farming Related Industry

There are several vital schemes when it comes to the farming-related industry. The different scheme is segmented for subsidy approval. Regardless of the field, you want to adopt, you will have to have a thorough knowledge of the documentation and the needed profiling to be the subsidy granted. Here our professionals are going to understand the core basic values and offer you the right consultation that is needed.

Textile Industry

Textile falls under consumer good. And the process of acquiring subsidies from the department needs to be followed step by step. Materials and products in the textile industry are mainly used for technical performance and functional properties. Different segments are falling under the category. For the application of the scheme, you ought to do the same within stipulated time period of Sanction of TL (for obtaining UID). There are norms, subsidies and criteria to match which will be looked after by our experts. We will thoroughly go through the proceeding and make sure that all the Benchmark Machinery is well incorporated and upgraded to match the subsidy scheme.

Seed Industry

Under the industry, you will be granted a Central Sector Scheme on Assistance for Boosting Seed Production in the Private Sector. The main aspect of the Scheme is the National Seed Policy, 2002. It recognizes the important role of the private sector paving way for the functioning of the seen industry in and around the country. Understand the need for the enhanced seed production in relevance to upgrading seed replacement ratings. This accounts mainly for the higher volume of low valued crops that is mentioned in the Tenth Plan for assisting in boosting seed production in the private sector. Understanding and going through the Capital investment calculation and the eligibility schemes, we will venture into giving you the prior knowledge and given the time limit for helping in the completion of the project without any loopholes.

Cold Storage Industry

Cold Storage has Type 1 and Type 2. Every segment has a different structure and pattern for attainment featuring different costing norms. There are organizations as well as promoters who could readily opt in for the scheme. As for Enrich Professional Services, we give you the thorough guideline and understand the leverage of benefit for Maximum permissible subsidy. Right from the date of application to final claiming, we are going to provide you through the core structure of the cold storage industry, the rate of cost and validity.

Commercial Horticulture Industry

The main concept of the commercial horticulture industry is that it will help in the improvement of the integrated development of horticulture industry. Furthermore, there is core support in coordinating, sustaining the production and processing of fruits and vegetables. There are different components and eligible crops availability to opt for the process.

However, this is not an exhaustive list. Due to our long- standing experience in this domain, we are perfectly capable of providing solutions to several other requirements which are not listed here. Just let us know what you need, and we will try to fulfill all your requirements to the best of our abilities.

Our experience in this niche has provided us the expertise required to navigate these waters. It is this capability which will benefit you when you choose to work with us for this purpose.

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